Merry TeaTime Sponsored by Lipton

If you are a close friend of mine then you know that I’ve only been introduced to coffee when I started my lawyer carrier a couple of years ago. Unlike some, I didn’t become an addict, I only drink coffee on rare occasions, I rather save it for my Sunday brunches. However, on my weekdays, every morning and afternoon, I opt for a big mug of hot tea. So I guess, I’m a tea person, right? I assume it must be because of my childhood. During my school years, every single morning my Mom used to wake me up with a cup of hot tea and some freshly baked cookie. (Yeah, I’ve been very seriously spoiled …) By the time I got home, another cup was waiting for me on the kitchen counter to accompany my afternoon stuffed with homework. My affection for tea continued throughout my college years and hasn’t weakened since. My tea ritual is the same as it was before, only the circumstances have changed. Sipping green tea is still part of my morning ritual, my energizer for the day ahead. Also, another cup is saved for later to boost my last hours in the office. For the reasons above, I responded with a happy „yes” to the invitation of Lipton to their first international Christmas campaign.  As we know, Christmas is the perfect occasion to gift the ones who are important to us, those who make our life happier and whole. Lipton conveys the same message in their lovely campaign video for the Holidays. In addition, they also created special editions of their products which will definietly melt the heart of your loved ones. My favorite is the gingerbread flavoured version, which package is an art itself, designed by Kenzo Takada.  Can’t wait to have another sip from it while cuddling on Christmas morning.

This post was sponsored by Lipton. While compensation was received in exchange for coverage, all thoughts and opinions are always my own.

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